Step 5: Add Your Picture

One of the MOST important things to include on your blog is a photograph of yourself. We're going to add an Image gadget.

From the Overview, click Layout.

Find your sidebar (mine is on the right) and click Add A Gadget

Scroll down and click Image  and this pop-up window will appear:

The Title you choose will show in the sidebar, so be clever or say something like:
About Me
Welcome to my blog
Get to know me!

Mine says "Blogging is fun and easy"

The Caption will appear under the picture. Mine says "I'm Susan! Let me help you learn some blogging basics" but this is a good place to put your name.

The Link should be left blank for now. Later on if you do an About Me page, we can put that address in here. If people click on your picture it will go to that page.

The Image you use can either be uploaded from your computer, or can be linked to from the internet. Unless you already do that, let's make it easy & just upload one from your computer.

Click Choose File and find the photo you want to upload.
You can also link to an address, such as your profile picture on Facebook or an image on another website.

Once the file has been loaded, click Save to close the pop-up window.

The Image gadget has now been added at the top of the column. You can Preview it and then go back to the Layout to position it (click and drag) wherever you like. It's a good idea to have it near the top so your readers will know if they've landed on the right blog.

Once you have it where you want it, go to the top and click Save arrangement at the top.

You're good to go!

Be sure to check other Blogmama posts for instructions on adding other gadgets.