Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let your friends subscribe!

Now that your blog is set up, your friends will want to read your posts. They can either randomly visit your site or they can receive an email every time you post. Adding this feature (gadget) is simple:

Click on Design, then Add A Gadget

A pop-up menu will appear. Scroll down until you come to Subscribe by Email. Once your friend enters their email address, another pop-up menu will appear and they'll have to type in a random code. (This proves they're a real person and not a spammer).

Feedburner will send an email to that address, and they'll need to click on a link to confirm their subscription. (This is another way to keep spammers away).

You can click Preview to see how your new gadgets look, and when you're ready to go - The most important step: click Save!

You'll want to subscribe to your blog so you can see when your post is delivered, so go ahead and subscribe so you can see how it works. Now start spreading the word to your friends and ask them to subscribe to your blog!


Thanks for the feedback!