Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Add "Click To Tweet" to Your Posts

Have you noticed how many people are adding "Click to Tweet" in their posts? Pretty jazzy, huh? It's also pretty easy when you know what you're doing. It's a great way to increase your visibility on Twitter and can also drive traffic to your site!

Adding "Click To Tweet"

You need to open 3 tabs (or windows).
1. Sign on to Twitter, and leave that window open while you work.This will let you preview your tweet.
2. Start your new blog post. Give it a title, then click Save. This will create your permalink.
3. Go to www.clicktotweet.com

Compose Your Tweet

The box for your tweet allows 140 characters, but be as brief as possible! Write tight and be sure to include your Twitter handle.

For example, with this post I'd like my readers to tweet -->

Adding "Click to Tweet" is easy - Check it out! via @susanrstilwell #blogging

When my readers tweet that, their followers might decide to follow me on Twitter! But I also want to direct them to this post, so I need to include a link to here. Don't click Generate Link just yet! 

Leave this window open.

Link To Your Post 

Get the permalink

You need to know the "permalink" for your post, which is found in the right sidebar under "Schedule"

(If you're a Wordpress user, click "Get Shortlink" under your post title. You can shorten it further with bit.ly or paste it into the Click To Tweet box.)

See how long that is? Highlight it and copy it, but don't put it in your Click to Tweet box. It's WAY too long. But never fear --> Bit.ly is here!

Shorten your permalink

The Bit.ly site shortens your great, big, long URLs into a teeny tiny little link.
When you go to the site, scroll all the way to the bottom, unless you want to sign in with another account. (It isn't necessary)

Paste your long permalink in the box, then click Shorten.
Check it out:

Bit.ly just turned
Pretty cool, huh? 

Click the orange Copy button.

Now go back to your "Click to Tweet" window and paste the short link into your tweet and format it to your liking.

Once it looks good, click "Generate Link"
Your text will disappear, but you'll have a URL that begins http://clicktotweet.com/ --> COPY THAT LINK!

(If you'd like to see how it'll look, click the preview link)

Insert the "Click To Tweet" Hyperlink in Your Post

To add the "Click to Tweet" link to your post, all you need to do is create a hyperlink. I usually put what I'm tweeting in a format similar to this:

Adding "Click to Tweet" is easy - Check it out! 

I want it to stand out, but not be obnoxious. I might change the font color, make it bold, center it... Try some things and see what works for you and looks natural on your blog.

Most people word the hyperlink, "Click to Tweet" but you can make it say ANYTHING. Mine says "Care to Tweet?" which is a kinder, gentler way to suggest I have something noteworthy to say (which is laughable). 

Personally, I'm dying for somebody to say something fun, like 
"Isn't this clever? Tweet me!!"

Whatever phrase you decide to use, type it in your post, highlight it, then click the LINK button in your taskbar. When the window pops up, paste the clicktotweet URL you just copied in the Web address box, then click OK.

Be sure to check the box next to "Open this link in a new window" so your reader won't be redirected to Twitter.

You're all set! It might seem cumbersome at first, but think through the process - what you're doing and why you're doing it. Don't be afraid to try something new!! 

Happy Blogging!!

I appreciate your comments and feedback - please leave yours below!


  1. Thank you for this instruction Susan. I didn't know how to do it but have noticed it on a few blogs. I will try it out. I need the step by step instructions. :)

    1. Glad you stopped by, Debbie. It's a few steps, but easy once you get the hang of it. And it's a great way to improve your visibility on Twitter!

  2. Wow....you are my newest HERO! Thanks for this step by step tutorial--so easy even a newbie can do it! I followed and it worked and now you have a new follower too!

    <>< Lorretta

    1. LOL no hero here, just a helper! Thanks for stopping by and following!

  3. Susan, can you come stay with me for a weekend. :) I will try this and hopefully I can figure it out! :) Bless you, and thank you, Hester

  4. Susan, I have been starting to experiment with this, but your tips really help! I especially appreciate the bitly info! As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  5. Susan, you are the best. Thank you for making this a step-by-step process with pictures/graphics for those of us who don't have your natural computer skills.

  6. Susan, you are the best. Thank you for making this a step-by-step process with pictures/graphics for those of us who don't have your natural computer skills.

  7. Did it according to your steps. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Susan, for pointing this out to me... Will it work with Blogengine...not on Wordpress...will try this...Thanks so much!

    1. It should work on any platform, Dolly. The concept is brilliant -- a hyperlink! Let me know if you have any trouble.

  9. Susan, nice post on using bit.ly and Click to Tweet.

    If you like Click to Tweet, try out Linksy. It's a new tool taht allows users to not only share messages on Twitter, but also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Check it out here: http://www.linksy.me Users will get more shares and clicks for their content.

    - Linksy

  10. Thanks Susan! I got it. Thanks so much for your sweet spirit and willingness to help!

  11. I read this on my phone, which means I can't try it out....but I fav'd it to read on the laptop.

    1. Oh gosh, Cyn - you will love it! There are a bunch of steps, so it might seem confusing at first. But it's seriously a great way to connect your message on twitter.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  12. I challenge you "tweetitnow.tk is best than click to tweet."

  13. I just tried this for the first time - I hope it works tomorrow - thnx for the detailed tutorial - very helpful dear. ;)

  14. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Looking forward to using it for my next crochet pattern post.
    Happy New Year.


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