Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Design Tips - Fonts

Now that your header is complete, let's consider the overall look of your blog. Particularly FONTS.

Something to keep in mind with this: less is more.

If you've chosen a fancy font for your header, you might consider using that font in a couple of other places on your layout. For example, on this site I'm using Cherry Cream Soda as my Blog Title font, and I also use that as my Gadgets font. This is a wide, easy-to-read font and lends itself well to the simplistic look of my blog.

If I had a blog about football, I wouldn't choose a swirly font like:
Doesn't this make more sense?

Whatever font you choose, remember that it's an accent to your blog and should enhance the overall look and feel. My advice is to use your Blog Title (header) font for your Gadgets and for your Post Heading.

In my humble (and minimalistic) opinion, you should choose ONE other font, and use it for your Page Text (body of your post). This font should be simple and readable, such as Arial, Tahoma or Trebuchet. You want a "sans serif" font because they are more readable on a computer screen than "serif" fonts such as Times New Roman.

Some printing history: serifs were added to letters to help the eye move across the line in a large block of text. It's used frequently in print, but rarely used online because the serif can get lost or blurred with different screen resolutions.

Using two fonts will give your blog a more uniform, professional look and will be more inviting to a reader. And what every blogger wants is READERS, so let's get started!

Click on the Design tab, or if you've switched to the new Blogger interface, the Layout button, and click Advanced Template Designer, then click the bottom option, Advanced.

This is where you'll find the different options

Page Text is the font for the body of your post. You want this to be a san-serif font.

Blog Title is your header. Be creative.

Tabs Text is on your tabs (pages). You can change the font and the background, but not the color of the font. My advice - your sans serif font.

Post Title, self-explanatory. Consider using your Blog Title font here.

Date Header. This is considered a Gadget with regard to the font. This is where you can change its color.

Post is the font color for the body of your post

Gadgets, choose the font and color for the gadgets in your sidebar(s).

Blogger has a preview button you can click. This hides the menu and lets you see how your changes will look.

When you're ready to go back to the menu, hover over the arrow in the top middle of the screen and click on it.

Play around and make changes until you get a look you want. If you decide NOT to make changes, click Back To Blogger and no changes will be applied. Clicking Apply to Blog will make the change permanent!

Get as creative as you like, just remember to start slow. Less really IS more, especially in the beginning.

I appreciate your comments and feedback - please leave yours below!


  1. Okay Susan You've got me hooked! This is my new favorite blog! If I had seen this earlier I might not have tried Word Press. Do you teach word Press? Do you ever have a blog work shop? I'm going back in to both and trying to see what I can come up with.

    Thank you for the infor.

  2. Hi Diane, Thanks for stopping by! I actually liked your Blogger site and loved your header picture! Your wp site is nice too, and your photography is gorgeous!

    As for blog workshops, I'm putting together something for our local Adult Continuing Ed program where I live, but I'm in Virginia... too far to commute! (It'll be based on Blogger because that's the easiest platform for new bloggers.) But having a blog workshop is the reason I started this site. It's a virtual workshop for some friends I helped at a retreat last fall.

    As for Wordpress, I use it for my inspirational site. There are some things about wp I really like, and other things that seem really cumbersome. If you have a question about something specific about it, inbox me and I'll do what I can to help!

  3. Susan,
    You amaze me. You have a wealth of information about blogging. You are a blog walking encyclopedia. I sure wish I lived closer to you. I would love to be in that blog workshop with you. Thank you so much for this online blog workshop.

    1. You're sweet, Yvonne :) I wish we lived closer too. Next time I'm in the Tidewater area, we'll try to connect.

      You have such an important message to share, and I'm excited to see the good progress you're making with your new book. I saw your post about the title, and I'm excited to see what the Lord gives you!!

  4. Thanks for your information on blog design. I believe that these tips in addition to decorative fonts will make my blog extremely alerting!


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