Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Favorite Posts

After you've been blogging a while, you'll have some posts that capture your flair. Blogger has a couple of good ways to do that.

One is a gadget called Popular Posts that lets you post links to your posts that had the most visitors. New visitors can get a feel for what your readers enjoy.

Another is Link List, which I've covered briefly in another context. This is where you link to some of your personal favorites, so you can direct your readers to some things you think are important.

From this point forward, all references will be to the new Blogger interface.

Pull up the Layout page, then click Add a Gadget.
Choose Popular Posts.

This is a pretty self-explanatory menu, so choose what best suits your site, then click Save. Position the gadget, and click Save Arrangement. That gadget's good to go!

Now for YOUR favorites.

Pull up the post you'd like to feature, and copy that address.

Remember that you have to click on the title of the post to get the right link. Right click on the address line and Copy it.

Now back to Layout. Click Add a Gadget.
Choose Link List.

For Title, make it eye-catching. I named mine Don't Miss...
Leave Number of links blank
On the URL line, right click and Paste your link address.
Beneath that is the Name of your link, and it can by anything you want. Choose a name that will intrigue your reader. I named mine Blogging 101

If you have multiple links, you can order them in any fashion (check out sorting options). You can add to this list anytime, and you may want to create lists for specific topics. It's a great way to share old info that's still important, and it keeps important info in front of your reader.

Click Save, position the gadget, and click Save Arrangement. That gadget's good to go!

You can update these gadgets at any time, and it's a good idea to regularly update your favorite posts. If you've done a series of posts, say "Photography Tips" or  "Book Reviews" or a themed series, this is a good way to highlight those and make them easily accessible to your readers!

I appreciate your comments and feedback - please leave yours below!


  1. Okay I am going to get you onto WordPress so You can teach me more there as well. I have a question that my apply to both sites. I would like to Import different fonts. Have you ever seen Holy Experience blog? She begins with a teal colored Letter. I would love to begin a blog with a scripted letter of a different color. I would liket o do that I have tried but not been successful.

  2. I actually have a Wordpress blog! I'll make a note to check out that site and see if there's a simple way to do what you're talking about. I'll inbox you and let you know what I find!

  3. Thank you Susan! I think I'll wait until I have a few more posts in my archive, but this stuff is good to know. I'm also referring a new blogger who is having some "ADD THIS" button issues to you, Bloggin' Master!


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