Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Would you like to include a signature at the end of your blog? There are several ways to do it, but for the sake of ease I'm going to give you a quick and dirty version.

Well, fairly quick at least. We're going to create text in a word processing program, copy it into a post, copy it's HTML (hyper text markup language - geeky tech stuff that you don' t HAVE to learn and don't really wanna know) and copy that into your template.

Open a Word document and type your name in the cool font and a color that complements your blog. This can be anything you want, but make sure it's fairly big (at least 36 pt - once you try this, you'll see how easy it is to change.)

NOTE: Not all fonts are recognized by every operating system. Mac and Linux are two of them, and without getting into a long boring discourse on fonts, bear this in mind: your fancy signature might look great on your computer, but a friend might see it in a default font like Times New Roman or Arial. There's nothing you can do about that, so just fix it to suit YOU and don't worry if your friend sees a boring font. It's still your name :)

Highlight it, right click, and Copy.

Create a new blog post, and paste your name in the post.

Next to Compose, you'll see HTML. Click that.

Now highlight that entire block, right click and Copy.

Close that page (without saving), go back to the Overview page and click Settings, and then Posts and Comments. Notice several things:

On the Post Template, you're going to Add and Paste the block of text you just copied. This will put your signature in the body of your post.

Click Save Settings. Now create a new post. You should see the HTML window come back up, so don't panic.

Click Compose, and everything will be back to normal. Now every time you create a post, your signature will be there!

If you decide it's too big or too small, go back to Settings and Posts and Comments. Within that block, you'll see something that says "font size: " and a number. You can increase or decrease the size here, just DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE. I'm serious.

REMEMBER - any time you click to HTML, it'll stay that way until you click back to Compose. So if it looks weird, click on Compose.

Enjoy your signature!

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  1. I will apply this as soon as I can read it and do it at the same time! Thank you for sharing such great info!

    1. Can't wait to see your pretty signature! My signature on my Wordpress site is actually jpeg file, but it's the same basic principle.

  2. Susan, you read my mind! Last week I noticed your signature at the end of your "I Hope For Him" blog and wondered, "How does she do that?" Thanks for answering so promptly! Also, would this method work for other HTML code, say buttons one is trying to add from an outside source? Thanks!

  3. Hi Julia!

    Hope you're able to find something that you like! Buttons use the same basic idea, so you should be ok with that. Here's something to keep in mind:

    Buttons link to an image that's hosted somebody's website, and if that image is ever changed or deleted, your button won't work. That's RARE, but something to remember. I have a "Grab my button" in the sidebar, and if you look at the html code for my Blogmama button, you'll see this code:
    "img src="
    and then my website. That's where the image for my button is stored.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I always wanted to know how to do this! Thanks, Susan. This is a really helpful blog!!


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