Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Embedding Videos

You may want to have a video in your post, and it's an easy thing to do!

There are a couple of ways to do that. You can upload the file by clicking the icon on the posting task bar. That can take some time, and Blogger has certain size limitations. But there is a better way: you can embed a video from another site such as Youtube.

I have a YouTube account and upload everything there. Videos can take a long time to upload, so if you can do it once and be done with it, that'll save you a lot of time. YouTube accounts are free, and they're open to everyone. Once there, you (and others) can post them to blogs or Facebook walls.

Find a video on YouTube and click Share:

Now click Embed and you'll see this:

Don't worry about the boxes at the bottom. I usually leave them blank. You'll see the blue highlighted box. Put your cursor in the box, right click and Copy.

Go back to your post, and decide where you want it in your post. Insert a bunch of blank lines.then click HTML at the top of your post box (next to Compose). Don't panic when you see a bunch of crazy stuff, just put your cursor on a blank line and Paste the video code.

Now click back to Compose, and you should see your video! Click Preview to see how it looks. You might need to adjust the dimensions. Go back to HTML and look for height= and width= Be sure those numbers are in quotes ("") and make sure you keep the right proportions.

You may not always be able to embed videos because occasionally people will disable embedding. This could have copyright issues, so leave them alone. There are plenty of other videos out there!

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  1. Do you mean that I can find any video that goes with my topics of addiction and domestic violence and post it on my blog? That sounds too wonderful to be true.

  2. If you can find a video that applies, you can absolutely post it on your blog!

    Or better yet - videotape YOURSELF talking about an issue and post THAT! If I remember correctly, your laptop has a built-in camera, so all you need to do is figure out what to say, record it, and upload it.

    You'll be a rock star!!


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